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Beginner’s Tutorial: How to use supercard dstwo to play GBA games on 3ds/3dsxl/2ds?

Supercard dstwo is the  second generation flashcard from SuperCard team, it’s the world’s first built-in CPU flashcard, and also the best flash card you can get for your Nintendo 3DS/3DS XL/2DS/DSI/DS console, since it has GBA and SNES emulation far superior to the others, real time saving for DS games, etc.  TheGamerDepot team will test each and every individualsupercard dstwo card carefully before shipping, and will pre-loaded the latest kernel so it will work with the latest 7.2.0-17 3ds/3ds xl/2ds and dsi 1.45 out of the box. This Step-by-step guide with examples of how to use supercard dstwo card to play GBA games on a Nintendo 3ds console.

Things You Will Need:
Supercard Dstwo Flashcard
Nintendo 3DS/3DSXL/2DS/DSI/DS console
MicorSD Card
MicroSD Card Reader/Adaptor
Your Computer

Step 1. Plug the micro SD card into your computer USB dongle (you’ll need to use the micro SD card reader that came with your dstwo card in order to do so). The micro sd card will show up as a removable disk drive. Backup all the important files in your microsd card, and format it.

Step 2. Download the latest supercard dstwo kernel EOS V1.11 from here, and download the Game Boy Advance emulator gba games V1.45 from here. Once you have the firmware downloaded, as well as the gba plug-in, it’s time to unzip them.

Step 3. Open the two folders, copy and paste all the contents you see onto the root of your microsd card, and put the GBA game roms onto the root of the microsd card too.
And you will see all the files on your microsd card as below:

Step 4. Once your kernel files, gba plug-in and your games are on the micro SD card, it’s time to take the micro SD card out of the USB Reader and plug it into your supercard dstwo. And plug the supercard dstwo card into the 3ds game card slot.

Step 5. Power on your Nintendo 3DS console and click the dstwo “Alex Rider Stormbreaker THQ” icon.

Step 6. Select the GBA Emulator icon and click it.

Step 7. Press “New” button

Step 8. And select “New games” →unnamed folder →unnamed folder →gba games and start playing