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How to use Gateway 3DS withou the blue card on 3ds xl ?

If you lost the Gateway 3DS blue card, you can use it. Just use a r4i flashcart to instead of the Gateway 3DS Blue Card. Don’t need to wast of the money.With a normal r4i flashcart, You can still update the firmware and setup the  Gateway 3DS. Because the blue card is just a r4i flashcart. you can use other ... Read More »

Whish is the best flashcart for your 3DS XL ?

Flashcart for playing 3ds video games on 3DS XL/3DS Just before you decide to select the flashcart for actively playing 3ds games, you require to currently only V4. 1 to V4. five 3ds firmware can enjoy 3ds games with flashcart, so if you have got updated your 3ds xl/3ds firmware version higher compared to V4. 5, sorry right now there ... Read More »

Which is the best 3ds rom flashcart ?

Within the wake up associated with entrance 3ds, System.Drawing.Bitmap and much more flashcart support 3ds roms, for example Gateway 3DS mt-card, 3dslink, r4i  3ds luxurious version and so on. Therefore , which is better? We are able to create a basic evaluation in between these types of 3ds online game flashcart to be able to a lot more obviously: Commons ... Read More »

A Brief Description Of The Gateway 3DS and MT Card

Gateway 3DS and MT-Card are the most reliable 3DS game flashcart. Gateway 3DS is the world’s first 3DS rom flash card. You can enjoy the latest 3ds games via this backup 3ds roms with Gateway 3DS need 3DS system 4.1~4.5. So the latest Nintendo 3DS/3DSXL/2DS can’t use this flashcart. MT Card is the fisrt multi-rom 3ds flashcart.You can put ... Read More »


GATEWAY 2.0 “OMEGA” EVALUATION 30/03/2014 Only a day has passed since we sent Gateway 2.0 “OMEGA” to our beta testers and what a day it has been! We have received many words of thank you from our beta testers and this inspires us to continue evolving Gateway 3DS. The feedback has been very positive so far, so we will be ... Read More »