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Which is the best R4i Card for 3DS xl 7.2.0-17

The R4i flash card is compatible with the any region/any system version Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo DS DSi and the Nintendo Lite. Playing Nintendo games and homebrews on your Nintendo console is very much possible with these cards. Apart from playing games, it also allows you to watch your favorite movies/videos, listen to your favorite songs ... Read More »

How to setup R4iSDHC Snoopy

R4iSDHC snoopy features the particular r4isdhc well-known item which usually also known as reddish credit card. The newest firmware r4 is usually authentic r4 wooden kernel (version three or more. 3B). For those who have purchased this particular credit card r4isdhc snoopy 2014, you can now appreciate free-ware through this particular credit card. I am going to demonstrate the way ... Read More »

How to setup r4i gold pro 2014 kernel v3.3b for 3ds xl 7.1.0-16 ?

R4i Gold Pro  2014 is the latest product of We also call it Gold Pro. original R4i Gold Pro 2014 from USA rseller.This new r4 card is designed by the team.It support all the 3DS system include the 7.1.0-16 and all the dsi/ds consoles.It’s very easy to operate.You can use it play ds games,listen music,read ebooks.Worldwide free shipping. ... Read More »