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How to read book on super card dstwo ?

In terms of features dstwo is best, it  has  many excellent plugins, as well as great game compatibility and media capabilities . What’s more, the Supercard DSTwo is the only cart for the DSi/3DS that has never needed a hardware revision to take newer updates. So if you  need those powerful features, dstwo is your best choose.   The multi meida fuction includes reading books  and images,  listen to the music and watch videos in the console. .


1. Download the latest DStwo firmware  EOS V1.11 from dstwo official site.  Extract it and you will get “DSTWO_v1.11_2012_eng” folder. Open the folder you will get Two files: “_dstwo” and “ds2boot.dat”. Drag  those two files into the root your micro card.

dstwo EOS V1.11

dstwo EOS V1.11

2. Download the latest  DStwo  iReader plugin v1.12 from dstwo official site. Unzip it and you will get the “ireader folder”. Open the folder and get two folders:” _dstwoplug” and “iReader”.  Copy the two folders directly into the root of your SD card.

dstwo ireader plugin V1.12 dstwo ireader plugin V1.12

3. Put some your download e-book files, images, pdf files in your sd card. The format can be txt, PDF, jpg, etc.

4. Put the SD card into your DStwo and then insert them into your console.

5.  Power on your DS console and enter dstwo GUI. Then  click ” i Reader ” icon like following pix shows.