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How to play SNES games on 3DS via r4idsn 3ds card

Just as we knew, both r4idsn 3ds and wood r4i gold 3ds were supported by wood team . These two card shared many commons, such us famous wood kernel firmware , supports all latest nds games and so on. In fact, flash kit except be used for playing nds games, it also supports snes at the same time. Maybe refer ... Read More »

How to setup MT 1.4 to play 3ds games on 3DS ?

Days ago the MT offial team released the hardware v1,4 which improves Eshop ROM compatibility and supports .3dz ROM . In casethere will be some  players want to test the new firmware and play more games, i will  explain you step by step on  how to update it. And if you buy mt card from our site now, then pls ... Read More »

How to play gba games on supercard dstwo

Recently Nintendo offical team released the new system firmware v7.2.0-17, this time dstwo can work perfect on this firmware again, seems that dstwo hasn’t been blocked from it born.  So if you have budget in hand,  you can go for a SuperCard DSTwo. Updates are quick, and it runs on it’s own firmware (EOS), which has just as much compatibility ... Read More »

Where to buy the best r4i flashcart for 3ds 7.2.0-17 ?

Currently the latest 3ds firmware is on v7,2.0-17 and it has been confimed that this time no flashcart was blocked by it. So you can feel free to update your 3ds console to the new version.   After the news, many people have questions that which flashcart should buy or which one it best. How about r4i gold 3ds and gateway ... Read More »

which is the best/top 1 3ds flashcart for 3DS v 7.2.0-17 ?

Several days ago, Nintendo has updated N3DS/XL firmware to v7.2.0-17, this time update didnt mean to block any flash kit,but injust system stability. And according to the latest confirmed inform, following cards can directly work on N3DS/XL latest firmware without any updating needed. R4isdhc rts 3ds r4i gold 3ds supercard dstwo r4i gold pro 3ds r4isdhc dual-core and so on ... Read More »

How to setup r4i sdhc 3ds rts firmware 1.79B on 3DS XL ?

R4i SDHC 3DS RTS ‘s latest firmware is 1.79B.  This new firmware fix some compatibilty problems. You can upgrade or not.,No big deal. This article is main for new users who have got this card at first time. Step by step tutorial begin: STEP 1 of SETUP firmware of R4i SDHC 3DS RTS: download the latest kernel 1.79B form official ... Read More »

Where to download acekard 2i firmware when their sites closed ?

Acekard 2i is an origianl r4 flashcarts. But their sites can’t be visited now. It’s stopped upgrade for ages. The acekard 2i users can’t get upgrade anymore. So we alarm that if you have not buy this card yet,please buy the R4i SDHC 3DS RTS instead. Fortunately, right here emerged an excellent information through 3ds-blog. apresentando that the multikernel firmware ... Read More »