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R4i SDHC-You must have for your 3ds xl

R4i SDHC — An absolute must have for just about any Trend R4i SDHC is really a Manufacturers DS adobe flash cards that is created especially for the actual Nintendo-dsi. R4i SDHC cards may be the present edition from the earlier R4 DS. R4 3DS had been additionally very desired as well as well-known between the individuals who tried it. ... Read More »

Which is the best r4i card for 3DS XL/3DS/2DS/DSi

The R4i SDHC Is Your Safest Bet For Enhanced Gaming Experience If you have decided to buy R4 card for your new Nintendo DS unit or perhaps you want to upgrade your old R4 card then your best bet is to go online and look for the R4i SDHC. Why? Well, because this is the safest R4 card to buy. ... Read More »

R4i Gold VS R4i SDHC 3DS RTS

R4i Gold VS R4i SDHC 3DS RTS which is better for 3DS XL/2DS DSi consoles. These two r4 cards are the most famous flashcard in the market. R4i Gold 3DS card is well known by many customers. But the R4i SDHC card is very famous too.Because the r4i gold company has monopoly on all the reseller, so it’s looks like ... Read More »

How to use the R4i Gold for 3ds xl/2ds/dsi consoles ?

r4i Gold is the original r4 card for Nintendo 3ds xl/3ds/ds/dsi to play ds games. R4i Gold has jailbreak the Nintendo system,so you can use the r4i gold to play games freely,enjoy much,read books.It’s very easy to use.Support real-time save and real-time guide and other r4 card functions. R4i Gold Main features: Work perfectly on 2DS 6.0.0-12 to 7.1.0-15,3DS Ver ... Read More »

How to setup r4i gold pro 2014 kernel v3.3b for 3ds xl 7.1.0-16 ?

R4i Gold Pro  2014 is the latest product of We also call it Gold Pro. original R4i Gold Pro 2014 from USA rseller.This new r4 card is designed by the team.It support all the 3DS system include the 7.1.0-16 and all the dsi/ds consoles.It’s very easy to operate.You can use it play ds games,listen music,read ebooks.Worldwide free shipping. ... Read More »

How to setup r4i gold 3ds 1.64 for 3ds xl 7.1.0-16

R4i Gold 3DS  1.64 is the latest wood r4 firmware for r4i gold 3ds.  This new firmware support the all the new r4i gold 3ds card. r4irts is the official reseller   STEP 1: Preparation                      You need these tools: 1) R4i Gold 3DS Card x 1                       2)micro sd card x1  ( recommend the sandisk from our site)                       3)micro card ... Read More »