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R4i gold 3ds rts cant run animal crossing,what’s the problem how to fix it ?

Following is a question i quotated from GBA forum

” I bought a new R4I GOLD 3DS RTS and i’ve got the latest kernal I have RTS enabled which I need, but when trying to run a game for example Animal crossing, it will just get stuck on a black ‘loading’ screen..With RTS disabled it works.. but I need it enabled. Any idea why? ”

And following is my answer

Animal crossing is a 3ds game, while ,currrently wood r4i gold 3ds dont support 3ds roms. R4i gold 3ds only was a normal flash kit to support nds games or homebrew.It is the most famous flash kit in the market for using famous wood kernel firmware. R4i gold 3ds with a quicker updating and 100% game compatibility. So if you want play nds games or homebrew,then buy r4i gold 3ds will be a good choice.

But if all you want is playing 3ds games,like animal crossing, or pokemon x/y, then suggest you buy mt-card or buy gateway 3ds. These two 3ds  cards are more popular in the market. But, pls check your N3DS/XL firmware before purchasing . Just as we knew, currently, all 3ds game cards only support run 3ds games on N3DS V4.1-4.5, If your N3DS/XL firmware stayed on 4.1-4.5 ,then you can take mt-card and gateway into account,the mainly reason lies in

1. these two cards with a quicker updating and support future update .

2. support multi 3ds roms eshop games,online games

4. support animal crossing,pokemon x /y

So,in all, the reason for why R4i gold rts 3ds cant run animal crossing lies in r4i gold 3ds dont support 3ds game. So if your N3DS/XL firmware higher than v4.5,then suggest you buy r4i gold 3ds ,for this card is most famous nds card, with a quicker updating and top game compatibility,you can use this card play almost all latest nds games or homebrew and r4i gold can work on all nintendo console with all firmware version without any updating needed and the price is hard to beat at the same time.

But if your N3DS /XL firmware stayed on v4.1-4.5, and if price is not your cared,then buy gateway 3ds,after all,it was the best 3ds game card with a powerful features, this card can support all latest 3ds games ,but if price is beyond your limited,then buy mt-card,this is a most popular 3ds game card, it supports mulit 3ds roms and animal crossing and the setup steps is easy as well. It has similar function with GW3DS,yet,the price is a little cheaper . What’s more,you also can use mt-card play nds/gba/3ds games on your N3DS/XL.

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