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  • Gateway 3DS

    Gateway 3DS is the first 3DS game flashcard for 3DS XL 4.1~4.5 firmware. This cand is the first card that support 3ds games.(all the other r4 card only support ds games.)

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  • MT Card

    MT Card is the main product of MT Card is the first 3ds flashcard support multi 3ds roms.You can put more then one 3ds games in one micro sd card (the gateway and other 3ds flashcard only support one game in one card)

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  • R4i SDHC

    R4i SDHC 3DS RTS is one of the famous r4 card.

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  • r4ids

    R4i Gold 3DS is the famous team's main product.

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    R4iSDHC is not the same as r4i sdhc. r4isdhc has 5 main product. Their official website is 

     2014 R4isdhc RTS Lite (The silver)

     2014 R4i dual-core (The White)

     2014 R4i gold pro (The Gold)

     2014 R4isdhc Snoopy (The red)

    2014 R4isdhc Upgrade (The purple)

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  • Supercard DSTWO is the official website of Supercard dstwo. This card works prefectly on the 3DS XL/DSi/DS consoles. Supercard dstwo is the most poweful r4 flashcart. It has built-in emulator for GBA games.

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